Would you like to become an excellent palmist or
have an expert read your hands?  For an expert
palm reading call Judy Gardner at 925-223-7699.
Fees are $75 for 30 minutes or $150. for one hour.
To become an expert palmist attend one of Judy's
palm intensives or study with her on Skype.

Next palm intensive week-end is call for info. Fee is $900.00 which includes a 200 page manual of all of the material.  To sign up call Judy Gardner at 925-223-7699 or email
Scientific Hand Analysis is "Palmistry" at its highest level. Your hands are a detailed map of who you are and the lines in your hands are a result of brain directed activity which tells how you respond to life emotionally, mentally, and physically. 
     To learn to give expert hand readings, start with a Life Purpose reading with Judy Gardner, Master Palmist/Teacher, who has been giving hand readings and teaching  how to read palms  for more than 25 years. 
    There is a science to your hands and included in each of your palms is a set of fingerprints which have encoded what you came here to do(Life Purpose), and what you came here to learn(Life Lesson), in this lifetime.  These are your highest potentials and your greatest challenges. As an expert hand reader you will be able to decode this message for others.
     With this knowledge about yourself, you can live a more powerful and fulfilling life because you will make better life decisions   You will be able to allow and accept yourself and others much easier when you realize that we all have a purpose and lesson to our journey here and as a palm reader  you will be able to help others do this as well.
     Our hands also disclose our talents, gifts, strengths, challenges, and abilities.  Some people have gifts that
they have never recognized within themselves and a palm reading with Judy can wake them up to their special hidden talents.
     Your hands also show how you respond emotionally to life and what type of partner would suit you best. This information  in your palms is very valuable in helping your understand and work toward harmony in your relationships.
     Palm reading also shows you how to stop sabotaging yourself and use your challenges to develop strengths, as you move ever more clearly in the direction of purposeful work and harmonious relationships.
    A palm reading  may be the most helpful information you have ever received about yourself and may help your life make sense and flow much easier.  As a palm reader you will be able to help others to do the same.  This is a very rewarding career in many different ways.
You may contact us at to discuss arrangements. or call Judy at 925-2237699.
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