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Apollo finger
Catching up with you!
Finger magic continued
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Mercury finger
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Finger magic continued

Magic Fingers(continued)

Hello blog readers,

Today I will talk about the middle finger, known to palmists as Saturn.  This finger is about responsibility, rules and regulations, teachers, business people, contracts and documents.

To use the magic of this finger is to deal with your anger.  When you hold this finger you are also dealing with your self worth.  Say "I am valuable, worthy, deserving, worthwhile, I am a treasure.  I use my anger to set healthy boundaries for myself and then I fully and freely forgive, I loose and let go, I let go and and let Divine Love heal this situation".

How To Overcome Your Fear using your Index finger

In order to assist you when you when you are fearful, hold your index finger on your right hand and then on your left hand for 5 to 10 minutes each while saying, through the POWER of the SOURCE within me, I am capable, I am competent, I am powerful, I am strong, I am a tower of strength and visualize something that you believe is strong and say I am more powerful than that.  (To hold your finger wrap the fingers of your other hand around the finger you wish to hold.)  You will be amazed at how your fear dissipates and your self confidence rises.
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